Our team of specialists, using the latest achievements in technique, leads the patient through a detailed treatment plan including diagnostics, prophylaxis, specialist surgeries and aesthetic or implantology treatments. In our clinic we know that dental treatment is not limited only to problem solving or pain elimination.

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Precise diagnostics is a key element of professional treatment.

Beyond the knowledge and experience of doctors, accurate and full diagnostics to a great extent depends on the right equipment in the dental room. We, at Estedentica Clinic, use one of the latest, state-of-the-art 3D CBCT’s, or Cone Beam Computed Tomographs, available in Poland. Its large screening field (140 x 100 mm) supports imaging of both dental arches, temporomandibular joints, or sinuses as well as cervical spine.

Unprecedented sensor sensitivity combined with short scanning times allow for application of extremely low radiation doses, several dozen lower than those applied with traditional CT technology, while delivering very high resolution imaging.

Moreover, our Clinic is fitted with precise optical equipment and advanced dental radiology devices, supported with computed radiovisiography, or RVG, systems.

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Visit our dental room that is equipped with specialist dedicated equipment for oral hygiene.

In Estedentica, stone cleaning, ultrasound cleaning (scaling), sanding and glaze polishing are carried out only by experienced certified hygienists. Additionally, together with giving oral hygiene instructions for both adults and children, they help to choose the right tools for oral and teeth hygiene.

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Aesthetic dentistry and bleaching

In Estedentica we can make your smile beautiful!

Our specialists will make aesthetic adjustments of the shape of the gums, will change the shape of your teeth, harmonise the smile line and liquidate discoloration with the use of the most-up-to-date technologies and dental materials. You are also welcome for laser whitening with the BriteSmile system that is available in only a few dental clinics in Poland.

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In Estedentica we use one of the best Asta Tech Implant Systems with an active titanic surface combining with human bone structure.

Such an implant placed in a bone prevents its disappearance and collapsing of the gums that, in turn, can cause lips to collapse and the formation of wrinkles around the mouth. The implant looks and functions like an independent real tooth. We recommend dental implantation in reasonable cases, when preserving the patient’s own biological tooth root is not possible. Implants can be used both for single or multiple missing teeth.

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Dental surgery

We perform surgical procedures in a dedicated, specially prepared surgery room with improved sterility and antisepsis standards, ensuring the highest safety of even the most complicated dental surgeries.

The most frequently performed surgical procedures in ESTEDENTICA are: • Guided bone regeneration treatment • Tissue regeneration treatment • Lifting of the maxillary sinus • Plastic surgery of the gums and bones • Resection and removal of a cyst • Extraction and hemisection • Undercutting of the frenulum • Surgery removal of wisdom teeth

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The experience of our specialists in the field of periodontology is a guarantee of help in bleeding gums when brushing, swelling, gum bleeding and pain, movement of one or more teeth, unveiling of the necks of one or more teeth or problems with bad breath, and in many other more complicated cases.

The treatment is always preceded by a comprehensive diagnosis in order to precisely identify the causes of pathologies and properly plan the procedure. It consists of several stages from professional oral hygiene in the consulting room and learning proper brushing to surgery treatment - everything under the precise control of a periodontist.

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Prosthetics requires from us not only dental knowledge and experience, but also an excellent sense of colour, shape and aesthetics.

In Estedentica all prosthetics works are done with a computer CAD/CAM technique. We use one of the few in Poland Dental Intraoral 3D Scanners Trios from 3Shape. We pay attention to every detail – starting with ideal tightness of prosthetic restoration, dental pattern and loads on individual teeth, up to the crown shape, harmony with the smile line and modelling structure of prosthetic restoration.
We offer our patients preparation of real target models of prosthetic restoration in several advisable aesthetic versions. We guarantee the durability and high aesthetics of our prosthetic works.

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Ceramic veneers

Estedentica is one of the few clinics in Poland where ultra-thin ceramic veneers are made.

Our patients do not need to worry about drastic grinding of their teeth preceding the surgery, as was the case with traditional veneers. The latest technology allows achieving an amazing aesthetic effect – beautiful white teeth, a very natural look, with no drastic dental interventions.

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Endodontics with a microscope

Endodontics is now a very technologically advanced field of dentistry, thus, endodontic treatment requires a very high expertise.

In Estedentica our specialists work at magnification, using magnifiers and dental microscopes, so they can make treatment with a precision unavailable a few years ago. We use only proven and modern tools of nickel-titanium, extremely flexible and durable, and ultrasound systems.

We care the utmost about sterility and procedures for canal treatment, that every time are sterilized with dedicated preparations.

For the filling of the canal we use an innovative system of ‘B’ and ‘Obtura’ providing a very tight filling of canals and lack of discoloration. Effects of treatment are controlled by the system of radiovisiography integrated with the dental unit. The system provides a very safe dose of radiation at the level of hundredths of a conventional X-ray dose.

A properly canal treated tooth will be a balanced pillar for the prosthetic reconstruction with the inlet and the crown. It is often cheaper and clinically better for the patient than the implantation of an implant.

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The up-to-date orthodontic technologies used in Estedentica allow restoring an appropriate dental pattern for people of all ages – not only for aesthetic reasons but also in order to restore proper chewing functions.

Often, orthodontic treatment is essential for proper reduction of loads on the teeth, which has an influence on dental abrasion as well as the durability of other prosthetic or implantological treatments.

In reasonable situations orthodontic treatment also requires a comprehensive prosthetic and periodontological treatment to achieve a professional result.

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Conservative dentistry

In early-stage diseases of the teeth, conservative dentistry allows treating and preserving the patient’s own natural teeth in the right way.

Patients are invited to periodic dental reviews in Estedentica to ensure early detection of caries. We should remember that early-stage treatment of slight caries is many times cheaper than neglected canal, prosthetic or implantological treatment.

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Paediatric dentistry

Providing dental care to a child, in due time, is extremely important for the further development and proper functioning of his/her teeth.

Contact with a young patient always starts from adaptation and familiarisation with the new place, which is the dentist's office. At the same time, we talk with parents explaining ways of introducing a child into the world of dentistry.

A visit to Estedentica is not associated with pain; moreover, it can be fun and an enjoyable new experience for the young patient.

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