Patient panel




Every patient of Estedentica is under the care of a dedicated attending physician who coordinates the treatment and refers the patient to individual specialists.

The first visit consists of an overview, preparation of a treatment plan and cost calculation. The next visit includes consultations with specialists in a particular field, relating to the patient’s problem. Thus, patients feel that the best and the most experienced doctor in a particular field is taking care of them, but are also sure of a successful treatment cycle.

One clinic - all specialists

Patients of Estedentica have access to all specialists and full diagnostics on site.

Thus, they do not waste their time on examinations or consultations in different institutions.

Outstanding physicians

Although procedures and technique play a considerable role in the treatment process, qualifications, experience and engagement of the physician are still the most important.

Thus, we are proud that our team consists of experts, the best in Warsaw, who regularly present their achievements at numerous medical congresses in Poland and abroad.


Safety is a key aspect of all dental treatment, relating to both treatment procedures and sterilisation.

There is no room for fortuity. Thus, in Estedentica we ardently care about fulfilling all standards.


Soon Estedentica will offer help in arranging issues related to arriving at the clinic, from another city or even another country.

We will book for you, free of charge, transportation and accommodation, but we will also give you some ideas about how to spend an evening following a dental visit (e.g. we will book tickets to the theatre or a restaurant). Our dedicated concierge will take care of all the details, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

(*costs of booked services or tickets are borne by the patient).


In Estedentica we use only the newest and reliable solutions.

We use the best and the safest implant systems, prosthetics works and fillings. We currently offer our patients the best laser whitening BriteSmile system that is available in just five other dental clinics in Poland. Because we are sure of the quality of the services we provide, we give quality warranty for all our work.


In our clinic we know that dental treatment is not limited only to problem solving or pain elimination.

Every patient deserves full diagnostics, high precision and aesthetic care – in order to achieve an ideal harmony of a veneer, implant or crown with the smile line, and ideal imitation of colour, translucency and surface texture of natural teeth.


Proper, deep and comprehensive diagnostics is one of the elements determining successful treatment.

Thus, our specialists use precise optical systems, microscopes, radiologic and pantomographic equipment, supported by radiovisiography and the newest CBCT equipment, allowing visualisation of the teeth’s condition, temporomaxillary joints and sinuses.